Konfida is specialized in production, design and sale of most demanding paper tubes and cores for manufacturers of synthetic yarn, fabric, flexible packaging, non-woven, paper&board and hygienic paper.



A wide range of high-end and tailor-made paper tubes and cores for the textile industry; including synthetic yarns and fibers, non-woven, technical textile and fabric manufacturers.

Film and Flexible Packaging

Standard paper cores for film and flexible packaging and other specialty film manufacturers and converters.

Paper and Board

Customized paper cores for the pulp and paper industry; including packaging papers (kraft and cardboard), printing and writing papers, hygienic papers, recycled and corrugated board raw papers and for all paper converting operations. Designed and delivered while protecting the dimensional stability at lengths up to 9.5 m.

Tape and Label

Tubes and cores are designed based on unique demands of each customer.


For your unique needs, such as embossed surfaces for carbon fibers or film coated cores for spandex yarn, where surface characteristics are of primary importance.


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