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  • How is Konfida environmentally friendly?

    Konfida's raw material "paper" is made from 100% recycled paper and all Konfida products, tubes, cores and edgeboards are manufactured using only recycled paper.

    The glue used in our products is water based, free of chemicals and made from 100% environmentally friendly raw materials.

    Neither the production process nor the products themselves generate environmentally hazardous materials or chemicals.

    1 ton of paper produced with 100% recycled paper requires 1.2 tons of recycled paper, 1.2 tons of water and 2800 kwh electricity while non recycled paper requires 2.4 tons of wood, 4.4 tons of water and 7600 kwh electricity.

  • How should tubes be kept? Temperature, ...etc

    Tubes should be stored in closed areas, at room temperature in an environment with 50-60% relative humidity. The carton boxes and plastic bags that protect the tubes should always be kept closed during storage. Recommended shelf life is maximum 6 months from the date of production.

    The end users should avoid storing tubes where there is steam, water or humidity and also high temperature sources, such as roof sections, steam generators, heating rooms… and etc should be avoided.

  • What is parchment?

    Parchment is a colored paper covering a textile tube’s surface. Parchment paper has high grease transfer resistance that averts yarn finishing oils from penetrating into the inner layers of the paper tube. Parchment also acts like a moisture barrier.

    Konfida uses world’s main parchment producer’s products and guarantees the same color tones with non-bleeding quality.

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  • Why are some of the tubes colored?

    Colored tubes are mainly used in textile industry as yarn carriers for yarn winding processes. Each color or color combination represents a yarn type or a yarn specification.


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